Learn how to properly taste beer directly from an expert in the field and start demystifying the fundamentals of beer, one sip at a time.

Develop an expert tasting palate with Beer Tasting Mastery. It's a 4-week course designed to build your beer vocab, train your taste buds to pick up subtle flavors, and help you identify off-flavors in your brew.

Who's it for?

  • Homebrewers who want to get better at critiquing (and improving) their beer
  • BJCP beer judges and Cicerones
  • Anyone who loves craft beer and wants to get the most out of their hobby

Make no mistake: Tasting skills can be learned.

Beer Tasting Mastery is the fastest path to an expert palate, whether you're a "natural taster" or not.

The Passionate Homebrewer

If you want to brew batch after batch of your very own, professional-quality homebrew, you're in the right spot. Our online homebrewing courses have taught thousands of beer lovers like yourself.

Whether you're brand new to homebrewing, or a seasoned vet in search of advanced techniques, our online courses are the best way to step up your beer game.

Your Instructor: Billy B

Billy founded the Homebrew Academy in 2010 as a resource for aspiring homebrewers, and grew it into one of the most popular homebrewing websites in the world.

Billy is a certified beer judge and his favorite beers styles are American ales and German lagers.

Now Billy teaches homebrewing skills and Beer Tasting Mastery to other aspiring Beer Lovers by sharing the knowledge he has acquried in +20years at the craft.

Expand your palate and sensory experience with the 4-week Mastery Course, complete with homework and Palete Challenges every week.

Bob Testimonial

"You spend four weeks drinking a different beer each week with a whole group of people who are all analyzing the tastes and smells that they are getting from that beer along with a beer judge.

And that is the best way to do it."

Tim Heffernan Testimonial

And that's why I took the course and I was hoping to improve my palette. And that's exactly what the course did.

It improved my palette, but more importantly, I think longterm is that it gave me a process for improving, continuing to improve my palette. And that's, that was the real value for me.

Jared Testimonial

"The tasting webinars are really great. Billy is an excellent host and a really knowledgeable instructor.

The pallet challenges are a lot of fun and really challenging. And the lineup sessions are really cool."

Become a Professional Beer Taster Today

Weekly Beer Tasting Exercises

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Line-em-Up Challenges

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Regional Palate Challenges

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Become a Professional Beer Taster Today

Beer Tasting Mastery Testimonial - Jared

Beer Tasting Mastery Testimonial - Tim H.

Beer Tasting Mastery Testimonial - Bob

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